• Clear Tape – 48mm x 66m

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    £5.99 - £606.99 Excl. VAT
  • Clear Tape – 48mm x 92m

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    £7.99 - £899.99 Excl. VAT
  • Clear Tape – 24mm x 66m

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    £8.99 - £409.99 Excl. VAT

Rest Assured with High-Quality Clear Packing Tape

Clear plastic shipping tape lets you peek inside box pleats, providing an effortless way to secure your packages. Pack Solution offers a range of packing tape UK online to guarantee that your customers receive their products intact and are happy with the delivery every time. Search for packaging tape clear, and you’ll find our products as the best option.

Our Clear Plastic Shipping Tape are the Best-in-class on the Market

Pack Solution has been successfully serving the packaging needs of clients including this large clear tape for several years without fail.

We are the number one Clear Tape Manufacturers UK of highend, brandname adhesive tapes offering a variety of topnotch products to meet your needs across various cities of the United Kingdom.

We offer packaging tape as part of our complete line of packaging products, which also includes fragile packaging tape so that you can select the right tape for your needs. When you choose a clear packaging tape from us, you’ll get these benefits:

  1. Top-notch quality – When your products are worth more than the package that contains them, you need to make sure that the materials you use to protect them will stand up to the rigours of shipping. That’s why we focus on supplying industrial-strength packaging materials to our clients.
  2. Environment-friendly – Our tapes are made from recycled materials, which helps protect the environment. Customers who are environmentally conscious tend to be more loyal to businesses following sustainability-oriented practices.
  3. Secure transport – Our tamper-resistant tape ensures that the packages we package for our clients stay closed during transit. Our experienced team can advise you on which type of packaging tape is best for your products.

We Possess Rich Industry Experience

Several businesses have purchased our large clear tape for packaging since we established a reputation for quality in the market as a leading Clear Tape Manufacturers UK. Our clients depend on our products and services due to the following reasons:

  • We offer our products at affordable wholesale rates to ensure that your business can easily afford our packaging solutions and control expenses.
  • Our clear packing tape can be used for various purposes like packaging, shipping, moving, storage or mailing.
  • Each product in our line of packaging tapes is durable and lasts a long time without deterioration in quality.

Drop Us a Line

Trustworthy packaging is a must to protect your products from damage while transferring them from one place to another. If you need any help with our clear packaging tape products, feel free to discuss it with our support team over email at or over a call at 0161 706 1246.clear packaging tape