• Brown Tape – 48mm x 66m

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    £5.99 - £606.99 Excl. VAT
  • Brown Tape – 48mm x 92m

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    £7.99 - £899.99 Excl. VAT

Ship Your Products Tension-free with Eco Friendly Brown Tape

Finishing your cardboard packaging with brown packing tape is the best way to ensure that your customers get their products intact and are happy with the delivery. Pack Solution offers packaging tape brown along with clear packing tape UK and more, to build your organization’s reputation.

Trust the Packaging Experts

When it comes to packaging solutions, it’s incomplete without tape for packaging. Packaging tape can be used to protect products during shipment and ensure they arrive in good condition. It can also help your products stand out on store shelves.

As part of our commitment to clients, we provide high-quality packing tapes so that so you get the following benefits:

  • Safe packaging – When you use our quality packing tape, your customers know that their packages will stay closed during transit. If tamper-resistant tape is a must for your products, our experienced team will ensure your product is secured with the right type of tape.
  • Quality – With valuable contents inside your packaging boxes, you can’t risk your tape failing during transit. That’s why we focus on supplying top-quality products to our clients.
  • Recyclable – Our tapes are eco-friendly, helping save the environment. When customers see that your business is sustainability-oriented, there is a higher chance of them becoming loyal customers.

Why is Pack Solution a Renowned Packaging Tape Wholesale Supplier?

Several businesses have opted for our Eco Friendly Brown Tape and clear packing tape UK products, among others, since we have established a name for ourselves in the market. Customers trust us because

  1. We offer affordable pricing – All our products are provided at wholesale rates and easily fit into the budget of businesses.
  2. Our tapes are multi-purpose – Whether you have moving, storage, packaging, mailing or shipping requirements, our packaging tapes are perfect for use.
  3. Designed with quality in mind – Our team pays special attention to providing every customer with products that are the best in quality.

Contact Us to Tell Us What You Need

If you need reliable and eco friendly brown tape, don’t hesitate to ring us up or send a query email. You can reach our helpful customer support team at 0161 706 1246 or via email at