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    Fragile Tape – 48mm x 66m

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    £5.99£699.99 Excl. VAT
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    Fragile Tape – 48mm x 92m

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Protect Your Delicate Goods with Fragile Tape

Want a product that communicates handling instructions and seals cartons at the same time? Explore Fragile Tape Supplier UK Pack Solution’s wide range of fragile packaging tape to eliminate the need for labels. Our products comprise strong adhesives that can stand up to harsh weather conditions.

Fragile Packing Tape: High on Quality, Low on Price

As a business owner that supplies delicate products to customers, you must ensure that your products are handled with care during delivery and transportation.

We offer fragile packing tape as part of our complete line of packing products, including heavy-duty packing tape, so that you can select the right tape for your needs and protect your goods from damage. Our clients get the following perks when they work with us:

  • Superior quality products – To ensure the safety of your products while they’re in transit, you need to make sure that their packaging materials are strong enough to withstand rough handling. That’s why we supply our clients with industrial-strength packaging supplies like packaging tapes.
  • Wholesale prices – Just because the quality of our packing tapes is premium doesn’t mean the price is. All our packing tapes are available for a bargain so that you don’t stress about the cost of packaging materials.
  • Eco-friendly – We constantly care about our environment, and that’s why we offer packing tape products that are completely recyclable, helping protect our nature and its resources.

Pack Solution Leads the Packaging Solution Industry

Our clients consider us as the foremost wholesale Fragile Tape Supplier UK due to the following reasons:

  1. Commitment to quality – The best products are only those made with premium-quality materials. We ensure that there is not even a single product made of substandard materials.
  2. Fast delivery – Our specialists realise the importance of time when it comes to conducting business operations. We constantly ensure that your delivery is made on time, regardless of your location anywhere in the UK.
  3. Full customer support – We offer reliable customer support during and after the sale of our products to maintain a healthy relationship with all our customers.

Contact Us for Help

Don’t worry if you are unsure of your choice, are experiencing trouble ordering or have any queries in mind about our fragile tape for packaging. Simply give us a call at 0161 706 1246 or write to, and we’ll help you with your order.