Dispatch Your Fragile Items Safely and Securely in 5 Easy Steps

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Dispatch Your Fragile Items Safely and Securely in 5 Easy Steps

Dispatch Your Fragile Items Safely and Securely in 5 Easy Steps

Shipment of fragile items can be a tough job. If you’re an e-commerce business offering fragile or delicate items to customers, you must have to find the best way to ship them with a lot of care. Today, Pack Solution, a largest packaging wholesale supplier UK offering the best packaging solutions for all your requirements will assist you in shipping your fragile items without any breakage.

Keep reading the post and make shipping fragile items much easier and less stressful for domestic and international delivery. But first, let’s make a list of some fragile items.

  • Electronic devices
  • Artwork
  • Glassware
  • Lampshades
  • Mirrors
  • Antiques

Consider these things while shipment and give some extra love and care to the packaging.

An Ultimate Step-by-Step Guide to Ship Every Fragile Product

Shipping feeble items can be complex and requires a lot of care for any online seller. The sender will be responsible for the item’s cost if the item breaks or comes in bad condition. So, make sure you use the best packaging and shipping tactics is essential.

Here is a guide to assist you handle all your feeble items with care.

Step 1: Select the right size and type of packaging box

You should consider choosing the correct box as an essential step. If you select a small box, the item might get smashed and cracked and on the other hand, picking a large box can offer extra space for delicate items and it can roll over causing damage while shipping. You can also use bubble padded poly mailers from a trusted mailing bags Manufacturer in UK.

Step 2: Consider wrapping the item in a cushioning material

You will have to place them in large amounts of packing materials if your products aren’t packed in a supportive way and remain shaky.

Step 3: Padding the box

Remember even minor space can lead to damaging the items, so make sure to cover all those small spaces using packaging peanuts, air pillows and more.

Step 4: Don’t forget to label the box

A warning label or sticker can alert shipping carriers to handle the parcel with extreme care; adding additional labels will further emphasize the message, provided it does not obscure the shipping label.

Step 5: Use shipping insurance

When you’re shipping a fragile item, purchasing and utilizing shipping insurance can be a perfect way to offer yourself reassurance. However, the coverage of the insurance highly depends on how valuable your item is and the distance of the shipment address.

As a leading packaging supplier in UK, we offer personalized solutions to meet all your shipping needs, internationally and domestically in an affordable way. Our expert staff members will make sure that all your feeble products reach their destination safely.

Why We Are Different?

Pack Solution, the leading Light Blue Mailing Bags Supplier UK, prides itself on providing exceptional products and exemplary service in the packaging solutions industry. We stand out from other wholesale manufacturers and suppliers due to a multitude of distinguishing factors.

So, if you have any doubts related to our services and products, don’t hesitate to connect with our friendly customer support service team who are 24*7 available at 0161 706 1246 or write an email at sales@packsolution.co.uk. Also, get a pricing quote from us to check if we’re a good fit for your needs.

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